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Government Resources – Much More Than Just Grants

I often feel inspired to post information snippets I receive by email from a cool service from USA.gov. It got me thinking that grants are just one small part of the resources available from government. Further, it made me realize that to be good at getting grants, you have to be able to think on your feet and be willing to not only look for information but be open to information when it comes in because sometimes it comes from the weirdest places. And whatever is going on in the world (good or bad) is directly related to where funding is or soon will be too. Oftentimes this is a sad reality, such as after disasters like the tornadoes in Oklahoma, but it is a reality.

I’ll continue to post information resources that I get from USA.gov and feel free to check them out yourself if you want to be informed about all kinds of topics that you might not think that government would have anything to do with.

Here’s one on how to improve your gas mileage 🙂 http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/drive.shtml

Here’s an overview of the tips:
1. Drive More Efficiently

  • Avoid speeding, rapid acceleration, and unnecessary braking
  • Observe the speed limit
  • Avoid idling
  • Remove unnecessary items that add weight to your vehicle
  • Use cruise control on the highway
  • Use overdrive gears when appropriate 

2. Keep Your Car in Shape

  • Get regular tune-ups
  • Keep tires properly inflated
  • Use the motor oil recommended for your vehicle
  • Replace a clogged air filter 

3. Plan and Combine Trips

  • Combine errands into one trip
  • Consider commuting alternatives (carpooling, public transit, etc.) 

4. Choose a More Efficient Vehicle


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