Homes That Change Lives – A Nonprofit I Created

Transforming Individuals and Communities by “Paying it Forward”

Homes That Change Lives™ (HCL) is a community development network that provides a “home” for motivated individuals and nonprofit organizations to develop projects that help others by “paying it forward”.

Matt’s Place  

  • 28-year-old Matt is wheelchair bound and ventilator dependent due to muscular dystrophy.
  • Matt was almost left in an institution where he most likely would have died until he was rescued by Ron, a compassionate respiratory therapist.
  • Matt and Ron raised $30,000 to renovate an apartment so that Matt could live there independently, which he did for seven years, and THRIVED.
  • Matt was nearly left homeless in 2007 when his landlord was foreclosed on.
  • Matt and Ron turned “lemons into lemonade” – In 2008, Matt rolled across America 3,335 miles in his wheelchair from Boston to Long Beach, CA.
  • When Matt returned, HCL convinced the housing authority to buy the foreclosed house so that Matt could stay.
  • The City not only bought the house, but paid for repairs so that another person suffering from muscular dystropy would also have a home.  Today, he is thriving just like Matt!
  • Matt is currently nearing the end of his second roll across the country from Boston to Long Beach, attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the longest wheelchair trek ever.

Nonprofit and Special Project Incubation

HCL supports the growth of other community-based start-up nonprofits by serving as a fiscal sponsor. Some of HCL’s most exciting projects include:

  • Lenoxx, Inc. – Lynn, MA: Comprehensive support services for people in need and an innovative model that provides them jobs immediately to help them get on their feet quickly.
  • National Institute for Civic Enterprise (NICE Network) – Eustis, FL:  A network of innovative human service nonprofit leaders/civic entrepreneurs, donors, and volunteers that speed up assistance to America’s needy.  Developed by Debra Berg, best-selling author of The Power of One: The Unsung Heroes Rescuing America’s Cities.
  • Green Beginnings Institute – Boston, MA: Promotes “green economy” opportunities for youth, veterans and small businesses in inner-city Boston neighborhoods.
  • Ezra Community Development – Boston, MA: Provides housing counseling and loan modification to homeowners at risk of foreclosure.


Creative “Paying it Forward” Solutions

  • National Real Estate Speakers and trainers:  Tax-deductible donations of educational materials, courses, seminars and real estate.  Make a difference while Uncle Sam supports you
  • Banks: Donations of REO properties that will be transformed into useful community assets achieving synergistic goals.
  • High-Net Worth Individuals and Corporate Philanthropists:  Help identify compelling, strategically-focused and well-managed projects that individuals and corporations wish to support.  Cash donations provide immediate support.

HCL’s Call to Action

Show great respect for your fellow beings.
Work together for the benefit of all mankind.

Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.

Do what you know to be right.
Look after the well-being of mind and body.
Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.

(from the Native American Commandments)

To learn more about HCL and our exciting projects, please visit our website at:

To make an immediate donation, please visit:


2 responses to “Homes That Change Lives – A Nonprofit I Created

  1. George Strnad


    I am very interested to work with HCL as a capital partner. Please, let me know how I could learn more about this coopertaion.

    Thank you,

    George Strnad

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