Dawn Duncan, MSW, MS is  the Grant Geek Diva – a Harvard-educated expert in leveraging and navigating government systems to find free grant money for real estate, nonprofits and small businesses. Dawn grew up in a trailer in Southern Illinois and made it from these humble beginnings to Harvard, where she completed a Master’s Degree in Public Health. Dawn considers patience, persistence and a positive attitude the three keys that got her to where she is today and that are imperative to finding and getting free grant money. These keys have helped Dawn generate three numbers:

-$800,000 – the amount of the first federal grant Dawn wrote and got funded for a tiny health center in inner-city Boston;

-$27 million – the total amount of grant money that Dawn has found for people in her 18 year career;

-$6.7 million – the approximate amount of funding approved for real estate investors through ONE project in Hurricane Katrina-devastated Mississippi.

Dawn teaches people how to create and develop projects that are eligible for grants, where to find grant money, how to write compelling grant proposals, how to systematize an approach to getting grant money, and how to set up nonprofit organizations to work in collaboration with for-profit businesses.

Dawn is the co-founder and President of two companies and one non-profit organization:

-The Grant Connection™ (TGC)THE One-Stop-Shop for Non-Profit Grant Services

-Real Estate Grant Specialists(REGS)THE Source for Government Grants and Other Free Money for Real Estate Investors

Homes That Change Lives™ (HCL) Making the Dream of Homeownership Available to Seniors and those With Special Needs (non-profit)

Prior to co-founding TGC, REGS and HCL, Dawn was the President of Pioneer Fundraising Resources and owner of Dawn Duncan Consulting, firms specializing in providing grant writing services to nonprofit organizations. Dawn has raised tens of millions of dollars for more than 100 nonprofits during her 17-year career, with a 94% government grant success rate.

Dawn holds a Master’s Degree from Harvard University in Public Health; and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Boston University. Dawn has served as a board member of numerous Boston area nonprofits, and continues to serve on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness to honor her Cherokee heritage.


3 responses to “About

  1. Hi Dawn,
    I met you at the presentation for Source Newport. Interested in following up on your thoughts about a grant for our organ repair at the Jane Pickens Theater and other possibilities for funding our projects (heating system and partial sprinkler to bring us up to new fire code are priorities.

  2. umsingh44

    Hello Mrs. Duncan how are you? I was wondering if you could assist me with getting a grant for my business. I am a single-women owned start-up of Kija’s NY Flava Fashions LLC I have never applied for a grant but have been hearing and seeing that their are grants for women owned business and miniorities is there any truth to this, and if so can you tell me how I can go bout applying for these grants it would be gladly appreciated. Every site I have went to regarding these grants were dead-end ripoff sites that wanted money for me to receive these grants.

  3. Latrice

    Thank you Ms. Duncan for responding to my question re: where do you find grant money for large apratment rehabbing projects? I was wondering do you have a Chicago, Illinois based office where you help people write grants or do you have a way for people to contact you by phone so they can get assistance? I want to start a small to midsize apartment rental project and need your help? how do I get in touch with you? is it possible to meet with you? You can reach me by 312-376-6617.


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